Hiking equipment for women

If you like hiking, whether in the mountains or in the countryside, it is important to have the right equipment. Indeed, they will ensure your safety and comfort throughout your walk so that it is completely successful.

Women’s clothing to have for a hike

When it comes to women’s hiking clothing , it will be essential that you implement the principle of three layers. This will allow you to always stay warm and above all dry throughout your hike. Among the essential clothing, you will therefore need to wear or have in your backpack:

  • A long-sleeved, breathable t-shirt that will be considered a second skin to protect you from the cold and humidity. In fact, this will be driven outwards so that you always maintain a good body temperature.
  • A synthetic fleece or a thin windbreaker will make up your second layer to keep you warm after your efforts. You will need to ensure that these clothes are comfortable to wear and give you complete freedom of movement.
  • A jacket to protect you against bad weather. Whether it’s cold, snow, wind or rain, this third layer should protect you perfectly. This garment must be both waterproof but also breathable with sealed seams. This way, your temperature can easily be regulated to keep you warm and dry.
    In terms of socks, you will need to choose a very thick and comfortable pair, in which your feet will be able to breathe while remaining well protected from the cold and humidity. Finally, your shoes should be designed for hiking. They must have very thick, non-slip soles, but also laces to properly support your ankles while you walk.

Other equipment to take for a hike

Once you have chosen your hiking clothes, you will also need to choose the other equipment that you absolutely must have in your backpack. Among the essentials:

  • A pair of sunglasses suitable for the mountains with 100% anti-UV and category 3 or 4 lenses
  • A tube of sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays which can be very harmful. Choose the index according to the type and color of your skin for flawless effectiveness
  • A pack of tissues or a roll of paper which can be very useful to you during your hike
  • A mosquito repellent product, if you go to a humid area such as near a river, a lake or a marsh
  • A flashlight or headlamp which can be very useful for getting around in the middle of the night
  • A bottle of water so you can stay hydrated during your efforts
  • Cereal bars or a small snack to stock up on energy
  • A survival blanket to overcome all problems
  • A knife to protect yourself

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