Feedback on the Linky meter!

Normally, all consumers of electrical energy want to know their consumption precisely. To satisfy this basic need, most French people use Linky or Ecojoko meters. These two meters not only allow you to know your electricity consumption, but thanks to the information they provide, you can better control your ecological footprint.

What is a Linky meter?

The Linky meter is a meter provided by ENEDIS (former ERDF). It is intended to replace traditional meters and is installed in your home by one of ENEDIS’s distributors. It is a new generation meter that meets the increasingly specific needs of consumers. It is installed at your home free of charge in just half an hour and allows you to save up to 11%. Already tested in Sweden, Norway, Italy and the Netherlands, feedback has proven the great effectiveness of this new type of meter. Moreover, its mode of operation is very simple to understand.

How does it work?

This meter is a communicating meter. This means that your exact electricity consumption will be sent by your electrical appliances to the smart meter using a new technology called Line Carrier Currents (PLC). Using this same technology, the meter sends information relating to your consumption to a concentrator. The latter in turn sends them to ENEDIS.

Thanks to a mobile application, you can check your consumption in your customer area. You will also be able to precisely calculate your consumption and adapt it to save energy. So no more unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.


This meter is designed to support the energy transition. Thanks to its technological features, it allows you to enjoy several advantages, namely:

  • Much better-protected facilities and greater comfort.

Indeed, after replacing the traditional meters, the Linky meter automatically takes over without any transition. Likewise, in the event of a breakdown, the malfunction can be detected more quickly remotely. If necessary, a technician could come and resolve the fault as quickly as possible. Furthermore, for an increase in meter power, everything is done faster with better convenience for customers.

  • Better control of electricity consumption.

Thanks to Linky, you can see, through your application, the equipment that consumes the most. You can also compare the electricity consumption of your cozy nest to that of other homes.

Finally, thanks to Line Carrier Current (CPL) technology, no harmful waves are released by the new meter.

In the short term, all these advantages aim to improve the French electricity system. In the long term, we will be able to integrate different renewable energy systems more easily.

Respect for privacy

The data collected by the Linky meter is protected by the Data Protection Act. So, there is no need to worry about the security of this data which is completely personal.

For optimal energy-saving

There is no doubt that Linky meters are a major tool for the energy transition. To save as much energy as possible, you can also think about the Ecojoko meter. While Linky presents you with data that provides information on your consumption, the Ecojoko meter gives you instructions to help you reduce your consumption. Even without the Linky meter, the Ecojoko meter can work.

The very practical screen of the Ecojoko meter informs you both about your consumption and the savings you can make. In addition, all this data is obtained in real-time and the installation of the Ecojoko meter can be done by any DIYer.

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