Fashion Through Blogs And Magazines

A fashion magazine is a written press dedicated to fashion. Illustrated with images and photos, and written content, it has been used since the 18th Century to convey sewing news. Blogs only appeared in the 90s. At first, blogs were platforms for sharing interests. But since then, they have evolved with time and fashion.

Blogs that take on fashion

A blog is a personalized site to advise, inspire style and fashion trends. Where does its name fashion trend blog come from ? Behind these blogs is a person: “the blogger”. This person shares and writes their feelings about a product. Blogs are seen as an alternative and complement to the traditional press. Their successes come from the subjective views of bloggers. But also the familiar and casual register which brings them closer to followers. It is on these sites dedicated to advice that people draw their inspiration. Blogs are closer to people. To be influenced, a person must identify with their model. The blogger plays on the democratization of fashion. And is said to improve, decline or even reinvent the trend.

Blogs have gradually lost their notoriety. To make way for fashion influencers. Social networks like Facebook or Instagram are their playgrounds. By posting photos instantly, influencers are closer to followers. A blog is a way to express yourself freely without being constrained by brands. Which earned them their notoriety in the world of fashion. Aimee Song for example is a fashion blogger and influencer. She was propelled to the forefront of fashion shows. Dolce and Gabbana, L’Oréal Paris took him as a model. Which proves that a blog can be a springboard for those who want to enter this industry.

Magazines and their influences.

A fashion does not necessarily make a trend! Follow-up with promotions or even popularization of the product is required. This is the springboard for fashion magazines. Long before the internet, magazines played a vital role in promoting articles. It should be noted that magazines have their power over information and communication. Highlight a style to make it a trend. Work in collaboration with various brands to make them known, but above all to promote their products. A fashion magazine is a source of inspiration for consumers. It strongly influences choice and style.

To go further, he can play rain or shine for the brands. However, they have not lost their notoriety in the face of IT developments. It is worth noting that they have their sites where they continue to influence current trends. Through the Internet, fashion magazines have been able to follow the evolution and change of society. In addition to being present on paper and in writing, they are also available digitally. For example, you know Elle Magazine, Vogue, W magazine or even Instyle. These are magazines that have stood the test of time, and are still followed by many subscribers. The world of fashion is a vast terrain where every style, every taste has its place.

Trend is influenced and influenceable

Magazines and blogs are the two pillars of fashion and trends. A person has always needed to have an image, a model to follow. Everyone has their way of expressing their style. Being advised and guided to improve the result is a big plus. Expressing your passion for fashion through writing or images to achieve a person’s expectations is the priority of this profession. A good magazine that has made its mark can change a person’s point of view. Fashion magazines work with celebrities, and follow trends closely. Brands rely on their charisma to find a place in this world. A well-established and personalized blog can change preconceived ideas about a product. These two pillars will make fashion influential.

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