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Why Is The Dream Catcher So Popular?

The popularity of the dream catcher is no coincidence and comes from its many benefits. Here’s why the dream catcher is so popular.

A legendary item

The dream catcher is one of the very rare objects linked to a legend dating back several millennia. According to legend, the dream catcher was created by a mystical entity, nicknamed the Spider Woman. Responsible for protecting the members of the Objiwe tribe, she could no longer ensure their protection following the geographical expansion of the tribe.

She therefore taught them how to make the dream catcher, which according to this legend can capture nightmares in its web, and which then die pierced by the sun’s rays. As for good dreams, they slide through the feathers into the mind of the sleeper. This legend is the origin of the name “dreamcatcher” and has spanned the millennia to be communicated to us.

An authentic object

The dream catcher, if it is not a common counterfeit, is authentic and is easily distinguished from other decorative objects thanks to its appearance and its manufacturing quality. Next to a poster or wall stickers, it will be the first to catch the eye.

An object that can be placed anywhere

The dream catcher is ideal for placing on a garden, a terrace, a living room or a bedroom. It allows you to beautify any type of space by blending into the decor.

If you are not experienced in interior decoration, then the dream catcher  should be your first choice.

An exceptional choice of models

The dream catchers are all different, allowing a completely personalized choice. Here are the different aspects of the dream catcher:

  • The model: Which is generally Native American but can be macramé, or fancy for example. A Native American model will, for example, give a traditional appearance, a macramé model will be perfect for adding neutrality to a room and fancy models are intended for children’s imagination.
  • Color: Color is essential in wall decoration, because it gives the atmosphere to the room. For example, red adds dynamism while brown soothes and relaxes.
  • Size: There are 30 cm models as well as 150 cm models. The size depends on the size of the room in which you want to place the dream catcher. If you are placing it outdoors, then a large model is ideal.

Very good quality

Choosing a dream catcher means ensuring a long lifespan. Provided obviously that it is of good quality and is not a simple representation that is not faithful to the dream catchers of Native American legends .

The dream catcher helps you sleep

Yes, even if these powers are only fake, many people manage to make children sleep better by telling them about the powers of the dream catcher. In addition, some people are soothed by the presence of the dream catcher above the headboard and thus manage to sleep better.

The dream catcher should adorn every bedroom, but fortunately this is not the case, and this makes it an element that sets a bedroom apart.

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