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Why Choose Solid Wood Furniture?

Among furniture manufacturing materials, solid wood is particularly impressive for its quality and appearance. It represents a safe bet for creating a pleasant setting in country or mountain style, rustic or modern. Choosing solid wood furniture from Grenier Alpin means making a qualitative, rustic, durable, aesthetic choice with artisanal know-how. Discover in this article the reasons that lead you to buy solid wood furniture.

For its quality and robustness

Investing in solid wood furniture from Grenier Alpin means choosing quality. Pine is particularly sought after on the market. It stands out for its excellent price quality. In addition, furniture made from solid wood lasts several generations when it benefits from regular maintenance. It does not lose its original shine despite the weight of the years. In addition to durability and robustness, solid wood furniture is characterized by its efficiency.

For aesthetics

Solid wood furniture has a certain elegance that is naturally appealing. The color and grain of the solid wood highlight all its charm. It regains its original and natural shine with a simple waxing, oiling or varnishing as the years pass. Installed in your room, its authenticity allows it to integrate naturally into your interior. Solid wood furniture is very aesthetic and adapts to all decorative styles, particularly mountain or country. They are characterized by their sober appearance and are essential basics in your space.

In addition, solid wood furniture can be worked and offers several designs. It is an excellent choice for traditional or modern chalet or country house type homes. For example, solid wood also goes very well with metal to make dining tables or coffee tables, etc. The aesthetic of this massive furniture also creates a friendly atmosphere that facilitates relaxation. The solid wood sofa with mountain fabric represents the perfect example.

To promote artisanal production

In the majority of cases, solid wood furniture and particularly rustic furniture are made using artisanal know-how. With their experience and unparalleled skill, cabinetmakers work solid wood methodically and meticulously. Their works make it possible to have unique solid pine furniture. They put an end to the boring uniformity that industrial production offers. Likewise, these pieces of furniture come with a story that provides a specific emotion. Knowing the journey of your furniture creates a bond that cannot leave you indifferent. They are the fruit of the passionate work of a craftsman.

Solid wood is healthier than MDF

Works made of plywood, MDF with their particle boards produce harmful substances. They emit these compounds due to their content of glues and binders. On the contrary, solid wood furniture is healthier.

Rustic, country or mountain style wooden furniture

The mountain furniture specialist Grenier Alpin offers several styles of furniture to its customers. Choose rustic wooden furniture if you like simple, rural or mountain decor.
Furthermore, you can also opt for country or Savoyard wooden furniture in a room with wooden walls or exposed stone walls.

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