Why choose printed communication media?

Despite the revolution in digital communication, printed advertising media still play a key role in the success of a promotional campaign. The evolution of digital technology even helps to strengthen the advantages of paper advertising media. Several advantages are available to those who choose paper media, including a wide distribution of the advertising message and the ease of memorizing the message. 

The different types of paper communication media

Paper media are effective communication tools that accompany the company throughout its development. There are different types of printed communication media, to be chosen according to the objective of the communication campaign:

  • The business card represents the most suitable form of support for publicizing your activity and establishing close contact with the prospect. With small dimensions, this type of print can be transported everywhere;
  • the commercial brochure is the ideal tool for a campaign to launch a brand, a product or a service;
  • The flyer, the leaflet, the brochure, the catalog are the media of choice for promoting a product, a service or an event. These types of paper media are distributed on public roads. This guarantees significant visibility and therefore makes it possible to broaden the target and, thus, conquer more customers;
  • Posters are also powerful print media because they significantly attract the public’s attention through striking messages and captivating graphic designs. The posters come in a variety of formats to choose from depending on the needs, the objectives of the campaign and the type of advertising message; they are generally placed in specific locations, enjoying optimal visibility.

The advantages of printed communication media

Unlike digital media, printed media can be stored and transported anywhere and therefore always within reach. The prospect has the possibility of having the contact details of the brand or professional on the business card at the very moment he needs the products/services offered. This visibility also represents a real strong point of printed communication media. The method of dissemination of these types of communication support guarantees significant dissemination to a wide audience.

contrary to what one might think, the digital revolution has really contributed to the development of printing. The dematerialization of services represents a considerable advantage, facilitating and accelerating the production process of paper advertising media. All stages of the printing process (submission of files, choice of media, sending of the order, payment, verification and validation of proofs) are done via a single web platform. This reduces production costs and therefore represents a financial advantage for the customer who benefits from reduced prices.

Modern online printing companies also take care of the delivery of printed matter to the home, workplace or other address specified by the customer. The rise of digital technology has also made it possible to improve the quality of prints and expand the choice in terms of media and formats.

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