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Why Buy A Used Car At Auction?

For many of us, the automobile continues to exert a power of fascination over our minds. Despite the urgency of the ecological crisis, manufacturers continue to invent new features, avant-garde designs and ever more interesting options. However, very few people can access the most powerful and best-equipped models, as their new price is out of reach for even the tightest budgets.

Fortunately, the second-hand market allows you to equip yourself with recent car models for very reasonable prices. However, the exchange from person to person presents the risk of making a bad investment, especially for those who know very little about mechanics. Buying a used car at auction allows you to find a vehicle at a lower cost but also to benefit from the expertise of the auctioneers. Explanations.

Buying a used car at auction, guaranteed savings

The first advantage of auctions is the price of the vehicles offered . These can come from seizures, from individuals who want to sell quickly or from large groups who are renewing their fleet. For the individual or professional who comes to equip themselves in an auction room, it is always the assurance of seeing the prices charged well below those of the market. We sometimes see vehicles selling for 50% of their estimated value!

This attractive price also contributes to the attractiveness of the models presented . In fact, in an auction room, we come to buy used cars from major brands but at knockdown prices. Vehicles that would usually be out of reach of your financial means become accessible here at a lower cost. You can therefore hope to buy a used car at auction and drive a Mercedes, an Audi or a BMW without breaking the bank.

Used cars checked by professionals

Unlike the second-hand market between individuals, the auction also makes it possible to ensure a minimum of control of the vehicles offered . All first undergo a classic technical inspection which will, once analyzed, allow us to know whether the vehicle responds favorably to all the technical constraints imposed by legislation. It is indeed important to understand that the vehicles are sold as is. It’s up to you to check this carefully before making an offer.

Buying a used car at auction also ensures that the vehicles have been checked by sales professionals. The auctioneers at Mercier auto are in fact very informed about the legislation, which at least guarantees you not to have any unpleasant administrative surprises. Furthermore, some vehicles will even have benefited from an expertise and experience shows that most vehicles sold in an auction room are in good condition.

Be accompanied by auction professionals

The Mercier brand specializes in auctions. Its scope covers many areas such as liquidation auctions, sales of public works equipment but also of art and rare objects. Its expertise in the field of sales is therefore widely diversified, which allows its used car auction service in Lille to be well established in the region. You can of course buy a used car at auction on their site but also find out about the issue.

Far from limiting himself to his role as a sales intermediary, Mercier is in fact a true guide for the buyer. A specialized section of its site brings together numerous articles on the subject of the used car market but also on the specificities of the auction . We learn how to bid on a used car or how to find out the carbon emissions rate of a vehicle and many other things!

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