What you need to know to decorate with hanging plants

With the internet and the endless number of online stores. It is becoming easier and easier to buy live plants on the web. Despite our desire to grow and keep these beautiful plants, sometimes we unfortunately make them die.

Artificial plants or fake plants offer a very simple solution thanks to new technologies. They appear very realistic to the delight of all lovers of green decor and for those who do not have a green thumb.

They will require little or no maintenance, neither water nor sunlight. The leaves will not fall or wither and never end. You will not need to worry and going on a weekend without regrets will now be possible.

They are also safe for animals and children, painless and non-toxic.

Like any live plant, artificial plants can work wonders for any decorating situation. For example a wedding, a plant decoration for a wall of a restaurant lacking greenery, a shop to welcome customers and create a soothing and zen atmosphere… Only imagination can determine the limits of your creation.

Once installed, it will then be almost impossible to tell whether they are real or fake plants.

Current and very trendy, plants like artificial green walls are around us more than we might think. Fake plants don’t just offer plant decoration, but using artificial plants allows you to be eco-responsible. Hard to believe when you know that the artificial is made of plastic, but when you think about it, we do not use water, electricity or UV light for the development of plants in non-sunny areas and above all no need to cut up thousands of flowers or plants only to see them end up in the trash.

We let the plants live their beautiful lives, in nature and in their environments.

Regarding the decoration with artificial plants. Fake drooping plants are a great way to energize a room and add volume to corners or heights. With several hanging plants, you even have the possibility of creating an artificial green wall. You just need to align it and form a line or several lines (It all depends on your taste).

You will then have a section of wall full of life, green and relaxation. In addition, with artificial plants, you have a wide range of plants and flowers such as:

  • Fern
  • Palm tree leaf
  • Orchid
  • Banana leaf
  • Rose bush
  • Broom

The creations are endless and can fill any space. We still recommend dusting your fake plants from time to time. This way they will keep their shine longer.

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