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What type of window covering should I put in my living room?

Each window covering brings a special touch, both in terms of design and practicality. So, it is wise to choose them carefully for each room in the house. Let’s focus here on the living room, which is probably the central place in your home. Whether you live alone or with other people, you probably spend a good part of your free time there. So take the time to carefully select your window coverings for your living room.

Identify your need

Reading, watching television, listening to music, playing board games, chatting… the living room is ideal for a multitude of activities. Occupations which often generate different needs in terms of light. This is where the functional aspect of window treatments comes into play.

During the day, you will want more or less intense light, depending on your activities. The adjustment will then depend on the orientation of the sun and the type of covering chosen. For example, a curtain or blind that opens sideways may be relevant if direct light falls on the side of a window. And for a roof window, we would rather opt for a suitable blind, whose side slides are fixed to the leaf.

In addition, you may want to hide someone opposite or an unpleasant view . In this case, a veil covering will be perfect. Then turn to a traditional sheer curtain or a very fine roller blind. Whatever your choice, just be sure to attach it as close as possible to the window, in order to obscure the view as best as possible.

What are your tastes?

Then comes the aesthetic criterion. Occupying an important space on the walls of your living room, it is important that your window treatment suits your tastes. Once you have identified the types that would best suit your needs, see which one you like best and best matches your interior design.

Do you like retro/vintage style? Dare to combine sheer and opaque curtain. Attach the latter on the sides with a beautiful curtain tieback, and close it as needed.

Do you want to add a woody touch to your living room? Then opt for wooden Venetian blinds. Modern and elegant, they fit equally well into a rustic, Scandinavian or even classic decoration. Select the most suitable type of wood and color, without forgetting to choose the thickness of the boards.

Do you prefer fabric blinds? There are models in natural or synthetic textile, in an infinite number of styles and colors. Plain or patterned, uniform or day/night type, in veil, opaque or filtering fabric… you are spoiled for choice.

Preferences and constraints for fixation

Finally, you must take into account one last criterion: the fixing system. Indeed, it is likely that your current installation does not allow you to choose just any type of fixing. It is then necessary to study the possible possibilities.

In practice, window coverings can be attached in many ways:

  • Attach rails to the ceiling or above the window. This is the case for curtains, Japanese panels or California blinds.
  • Hang a curtain rod or hooks from the ceiling, wall or directly on the window sash. Fixation is then done by drilling , gluing or using non-invasive hooks. Consider the last two for a non-destructive solution!
  • Attach the blind mechanism with or without drilling, above or on the window. In the case of mounting above, be sure to leave enough room to open the window easily without being blocked by the blind.


We hope these tips and ideas will help you choose the best window treatments for your living room. In general, we strongly recommend that you choose custom-made blinds and curtains for optimal results.

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