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What is the impact of modern technology in dental care?

Technological advances have greatly impacted the modern dentistry sector. As patients become more and more demanding about the quality of dental care , dentists’ laboratories are operating at full capacity. This has revolutionized the sector and given rise to a range of technologies that provide more precise results. What is the true impact of technology in dental care? Here is a broad overview in the following lines.

Powerful diagnostic means such as 3D digital radiography

One of the first positive consequences of technology on modern dentistry is the discovery of efficient diagnostic means. Indeed, for more qualitative dental care , dentists now use 3D digital radiography. In Switzerland , it is often called the CT scanner and remains a determining element in the placement of dental implants.

It is a technology that makes it possible to identify the ideal dental implant and the ideal insertion angle for its installation. With 3D digital radiography, the dentist is able to know about the quality and quantity of bone that can accommodate the dental implant. It is a modern method which has impacted diagnostic techniques and especially the know-how of dentists.

Today, in Switzerland and more precisely in the Proxident dental office , a dentist in Friborg can examine you with a CT scanner. Please note, this is not the panoramic dental x-ray carried out by dental tourism agencies. This technology is the result of the integration of digital technology into the modern diagnostic process. Make an appointment with your dentist to have a CT scan.

Access to the intraoral scanner and the 3D dental impression scanner

Apart from the CT scanner , technology has made it possible to access the 3D intraoral scanner which is an extremely precise tool when it comes to the placement of dental implants. In fact, this scanner helps dentists determine a 3D digital image of the patient’s teeth. This makes it possible to digitally develop an extremely precise dental prosthesis. Consequence: the results obtained are optimal and serve to improve patient comfort.

In some dental practices that do not yet have this technology, you will surely find the 3D dental impression scanner. It is a technique that allows the dentist to take dental impressions in the traditional way. He can then scan and obtain a 3D image of his patient’s teeth. This improves the results in the design and manufacturing of different dental implants.

The use of the 3D printer in dentistry

Technological advances in the world of dentistry go a long way. Today, in a dental office like Proxident , you can witness the design of implants with a 3D printer. This is a revolutionary technique which consists of reproducing a metal-ceramic dental crown designed using digital assistance. This machine makes it possible to obtain quality metal dental prostheses using CAD – CAM technology.

Dentists or more precisely prosthetists using the 3D printer are able to respond more effectively to patient requests. Moreover, all the technologies listed above make it possible to generally improve the quality of dental care. Unfortunately, they are not yet accessible to all dental practices . You can search for the best dentists who apply and use these modern techniques in order to receive more quality dental care .

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