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Vertical garden: the fashion for outdoor green walls

Each era has its style. And each style has its particularities. Our time is certainly marked by ecological emergency. It is therefore difficult to deny the capital importance of developing our cities to make them more livable. Anyone who has experienced the last heatwaves in the furnace of large megacities certainly knows what we are talking about. And this is one of the main reasons for the explosion in the fashion for green walls. Explanations.

Outdoor green walls to improve the living environment

In large cities, heat waves offer a foretaste of hell. The feeling of suffocation, the lack of free wind, but also the noise or heat emanating from engines, apartments or all kinds of human activities contribute to creating a climate that is difficult for city dwellers to live in. This is why many of them are looking for solutions to meet these new constraints, without impacting the aesthetics of our beautiful modern cities.

The fashion for outdoor green walls is one of these solutions, and perhaps even the most satisfactory of them. It greens the landscape, optimizes the sound characteristics of its immediate environment, produces freshness and even beautifies the landscape! However, you should know that most of the green walls you will see in the city are made from artificial exterior green panels.

Fake outdoor green walls that are easier to maintain

Natural green walls indeed have several disadvantages. First, they are very expensive . You generally have to use the services of an urban landscaper, who will charge a lot for his services, then finance the plants, their size, and their maintenance. All tasks that require the employment of one or more competent professionals, particularly if the walls are placed in inaccessible spaces.

On the contrary, false outdoor green walls do not require any special maintenance once installed. No need for pruning, collecting dead leaves, or even watering. Not only will the cost of your installation be drastically reduced, but you will also have the possibility of placing your artificial plant walls in places that are difficult to access, for example.

Choose your false green walls wisely

However, be careful because not all artificial plants are equal, far from it. Some unscrupulous resellers only seek to take advantage of the green wave that is sweeping through today’s economy. To ensure sufficient longevity for your investments, it is essential to only turn to distributors recognized for the superior quality of their products. As is the case, for example,In fact, here, all the artificial plants used to create outdoor green walls are made from a plastic that is non-toxic for you and the environment. Better yet, the plants are treated against UV, mold and pollution, which will allow you to beautify your commercial premises, your public reception establishment or simply your home in a way that is as sustainable as it is respectful of living things!

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