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Universities and colleges where you can study online

The comfort, flexibility and ease offered by distance education truly attract students from every corner of the world, especially those students who do not want to take time away from their professional life, family and other commitments and at the same time wish to complete their higher education to excel in their careers .

Universities in the USA

1. Johns Hopkins University

This university creates all the conditions for the independent development and learning of its students; it encourages cooperation between them and the university teaching staff. As a result, together they make discoveries that improve people’s lives.

The university offers online studies in social sciences, business, engineering, computer science, medicine and more. This variety of offerings allows us to more effectively educate both American and international students.

2. Northwestern University

It is a private research university that develops new ideas for creating inclusive educational environments. The university also works closely with more than a hundred research institutes, which provides exciting opportunities for students to become part of the exciting process of writing various coursework. Here you can get online education in the field of health.


UCLA is proud of its commitment to free access to information, free debate, and mutual respect and tolerance.

The university cooperates with 290 medical research centers and institutes. Here you can get distance higher education in engineering and technical specialties.

4. New York University

The university has been innovating in education since 1831, helping students gain a global perspective. The university was conceived as an institution with a democratic spirit, meeting the requirements of American commercial culture. Here you can get online education and diplomas in fields such as business and management, computer science, engineering and much more.

5. University of Texas at Austin

The University promotes a culture of purpose, ambition and leadership. Through the development of these qualities, students are subsequently capable of outstanding achievements. The University is committed to providing students and graduates with opportunities through industry partnerships to gain lucrative positions. The university offers online training in engineering and technical specialties.

6. Georgia Tech

It is a prestigious public college and leading research university in the United States. It provides online degrees in engineering, science and computer science. Girls can safely choose this university, because it issues the most diplomas to the fair sex than other similar institutions.

7. Ohio State University

Since its founding in 1870, The Ohio State University has been a place of research and innovation. Friendships develop between students, but the spirit of competition is still present, and the university is proud of this. The most widely represented areas of research at the university are social and environmental responsibility, agriculture and health. Online courses in medicine, business, education and social sciences are also very popular here.

8. University of Maryland

It is one of the most respected public research universities in the United States. It has long-standing partnerships with government and business to conduct research that translates into actionable innovation. Here you can get a diploma in engineering, computer science, and medicine.

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