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Trendy bracelets for men

All seasons, you give an important place to the elements which constitute the basis of your wardrobe. But men’s fashion is also influenced by trends. Today, for men , jewelry has become essential and the bracelet is not just a simple detail in the outfit. It gives it an impeccable finish. It’s the accessory of the moment among stylists. Either way, every man has his bracelet trend . To fill the wrists, all styles are allowed. All women are now delighted to please their men and obviously, every opportunity is good to surprise them by offering them a designer bracelet , because we all agree, accessories are no longer limited to watches. Follow the leader!

Who said men’s bracelets were old-fashioned?

Fashion evolves and never stops in its tracks. All year round it brings new life to every wardrobe. However, it depends on how you wear them since men ‘s jewelry does not always have a good reputation. Previously, bracelets were not very popular with men, due to the fact that there was not as much choice.

The aesthetics were also not there and they were considered a little effeminate and ephemeral. But it’s about knowing how to combine style with outfit to dress the wrist with elegance.

Avoid combining watch and bracelet

The ideal is to wear the jewelry without the watch so as not to look “too much” and to highlight it. The bracelet now looks first class and appears on all wrists. It is possible to wear jewelry without losing virility and it is no longer taboo thanks to the meticulous work of designers.

Far from materials with shiny effects like luminous metals, they should simply be banned. Sobriety is all we expect in your outfits. Excessive zeal must be avoided at all costs. Next to curb chains which are moderately accepted, bracelets are an easy piece of jewelry to tame.

To assert your style, there are all kinds of models capable of adapting to your tastes. Well fortunately, the year 2018 rhymes with newness and innovation in the world of jewelry.

Currently, we are adopting braided ropes. You can work on your creativity by making them yourself. But we say yes to leather in a chic and casual style. Without forgetting the cable style which we undoubtedly love.

To combine design and strength, you should also think about the finish because not all jewelry has the same clasps . The hook-shaped attachment is more practical and allows you to move around in complete safety. Others close with an anchor clasp .

However, there is no harm in personalizing your bracelet by choosing to attach your accessory yourself to allow more comfort. But it’s also about playing with colors while remaining in a very masculine style . Dare to use colors without ruining your look.

To each his own style !

In the streets, on public transport or in offices, we come across different types of men every day. But we easily recognize those who have a crush on the latest men’s trends .

Classic style for men

Men in the business world are most often attracted to blingy accessories and focus on luxury jewelry . But the choice must be based on the size of the wrist and the clothing style of each person. MGP steel bracelets are a sure value They have a refined, classy finish and a clean design.

The bracelets with steel style cable are just as elegant and go with any look. Whether you wear one or several, the effect is guaranteed. It didn’t take long for elephant hair bracelets to become a fashion must- have . They are incredible and so difficult to design that prices are skyrocketing for this type of product. Thanks to its artisanal production, they quickly found their place. A real must have accessory for men. All adorned with a pretty waterproof clip and that’s it.

Casual style

On the other hand, in the casual bracelet style for men , we find dozens of designs and shapes at more affordable prices. Trendy men opt instead for rhinestone fishhook bracelets, covered with high-quality fabric and rhinestones, or even marine cord with the possibility of several colors. Today there are thousands of them and more and more elaborate. Indeed, on the finishing side, we are using materials such as stainless steel, hand- braided cord … Products that combine quality and elegance.

For teenagers and younger

Teenagers and young men are leaning more towards the secret or infinity bracelet , which is a great luxury for big dreamers! While young boys are seduced by the travel trio, the travel duo or solo which come in a wide variety of models.

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