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The Breitling luxury watch defies the passing of time!

Léon Breitling was born in 1860 in Saint-Imier Switzerland. This birthplace of the chronograph has acquired over the years a solid reputation in the world of watchmaking. Léon Breitling was passionate about watchmaking from a very young age, dismantling and reassembling watch mechanisms, not counting the hours spent studying the technology. Nearly a century and a half later, the Breitling name remains associated with one of the greatest luxury watch brands in the world.

Léon Breitling, the master of time

The genius inventor quickly began to manufacture his chronographs with great talent, a product then in full expansion (scientific, industrial, military and sporting fields).

In 1884 he founded the Breitling watch industry in his hometown . In 1892 he created a factory on the French-Swiss border. As the wheels of time turn, the passionate business leader places his unique manufacturing mark on his models , with a refined design and simple maintenance.

Taken over by his descendants, Gaston the son then Willy the grandson, the family business continued to be a great success before the course to be taken was entrusted in 1982 to Ernest Schneider, a watchmaking pilot. And it is finally in Grenchen that Breitling Montres SA celebrates the 100th anniversary of the brand’s very first watches put on the market of this product which combines luxury, beauty and quality .

Professional watches for adventurers

The genius of the Breitling watch lies in the specificities linked to its creation. It combines aesthetics and high-end manufacturing with an exclusive utilitarian objective: the chronograph. With impeccable quality, Breitling productions are the partners of adventurers and explorers of all kinds.

Brought to live their passions in even more extreme conditions, the very first customers could already count on a reliable , resistant, and precision product, for intensive use . Each watch leaving production is a COSC-certified chronometer.

The ingenuity of the famous brand endures with time. Optimizing these instruments of primary use for professionals remains a priority objective.

Breitling, collections of timeless watches!

The masterpieces of the Breitling house are presented in collections that exude adventure and quality .

  • Navitimer: the iconic aviator’s watch since 1952.
  • Superocean: to equip professional and military divers since 1957.
  • Transocean: artisanal know-how and high technicality for frequent travelers since 1958.
  • Chronomat: for pilots, Italian-inspired since the 80s.
  • Professional: multiple functions for great adventurers.

The creations of the Breitling brand diversify with the passing years. The years pass but their bill remains the same for any new arrival added to the collections.

Breitling watches stand the test of time and trials without fail. So, if you too want to become a master of clocks , if you also want to master this time with luxury,

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