The art of choosing chairs

Chairs are more than just seats; they are an integral part of our living space and contribute significantly to the atmosphere of each room. Choosing the perfect chair is an art that requires both an eye for design and an understanding of functionality. Whether it’s a cozy family dinner, concentrated work at a desk, or an elegant decorative element in the living room, each chair tells its own story and contributes to the overall aesthetic of our home .

This article guides you through the varied world of chairs and gives you valuable advice on making the ideal choice for your interior.

Important factors for choosing a chair

Choosing the right chair is a decision that involves both aesthetic and practical considerations. It’s not just about how a chair looks, but also how it feels and how it fits into everyday living space. Three main factors play a decisive role: design, ergonomics and materials.

➔ Design determines how the chair influences the visual ambiance of a room and reflects personal style and taste.

➔ Ergonomics is essential for comfort and support of the body, particularly during prolonged sitting.

➔ The material, on the other hand, influences both the durability and aesthetics of the chair and contributes to the overall quality.

Careful consideration of these factors results in a choice that is both functional and visually enriching.

Materials and quality

The choice of material is decisive for the quality, durability and appearance of a chair. Each material brings its own advantages and characteristics, which must be taken into account when choosing.

  • Wood: Wooden chairs are known for their robustness and longevity. They offer a natural aesthetic and can range from the simplest to the most artistic. The type of wood, whether oak, beech or walnut, influences both the color and texture of the chair.
  • Metal: Metal chairs are a popular choice for modern and industrial designs. They are particularly resistant and easy to maintain. Metal can be painted or left in its natural state to achieve different looks.
  • Plastic: Plastic chairs offer great versatility in shapes and colors. They are lightweight, stackable and ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. However, when it comes to living, most people want higher quality natural materials, as plastic is often perceived as cheap.

Besides the body material, the choice of cushion and covering material plays a vital role in the overall quality and comfort of a chair. These elements are decisive for the seating experience and contribute greatly to the aesthetics of the chair.

  • Upholstery Fabrics: The choice of upholstery fabric depends on several factors, including aesthetics, ease of maintenance and durability. Fabric coverings offer a wide range of colors and patterns, but are more susceptible to stains and wear. On the other hand, microfiber fabrics are more resistant and easier to clean.
  • Leather as a covering material: Leather is a timeless material that combines elegance and comfort. The choice of leather quality is of great importance here, because it not only influences the appearance, but also the longevity of the chair.

The premium leather Wohnsektion chairs , for example, offer a unique combination of style and durability. They are available in different finishes like buffalo leather, vintage Boliana leather and Stelina leather. The type of leather also influences the appearance and durability of the chair. Buffalo leather is known for its robustness and characteristic texture, while Boliana Vintage leather has a warm, natural appearance.

  • Upholstery materials: The upholstery of a chair directly influences seating comfort. Foam is a common choice because it offers a good balance of flexibility and support. For higher demands, there are also high-resilience foams or spring fillings that offer even greater adaptability and durability.

The combination of carefully selected body material and high-quality upholstery and upholstery materials is key to creating a chair that is both aesthetically appealing, functional and durable. A well-built chair with quality materials not only provides comfort and stability, but it will also be a stylish addition to every room for years.

➔ Regardless of the material chosen, the manufacturing quality is a decisive factor. Well-finished seats not only provide a longer lifespan, but also better stability and greater safety. Quality materials and careful finishing are investments that pay off in the long term, both in terms of aesthetics, functionality and comfort.

Comfort and ergonomics

Comfort and ergonomics are decisive aspects when choosing a chair, especially if it is used for long periods of sitting. An ergonomic chair not only promotes a healthy sitting posture, but also contributes to better well-being.

  • Seat Height: The ideal height of a chair allows the feet to rest flat on the floor, while the knees form an angle of approximately 90 degrees. This is important to avoid any pressure on the thighs and ensure good blood circulation.
  • Seat depth: The seat depth should be chosen so that there is a small free space between the front edge of the seat and the hollow of the knees, to avoid any pressure on the lower thighs. A seat that is too low can lead to an unhealthy posture, while a seat that is too flat can limit comfort.
  • Backrest: An ergonomically shaped backrest supports the natural curvature of the spine and promotes an upright sitting position. The backrest must sufficiently support the back, especially in the lumbar region.
  • Armrests: The armrests help to relieve the shoulders and neck. They should be positioned so that the arms can rest naturally without pulling the shoulders up. When choosing a chair with armrests, it is important to ensure that they can be placed under the table to allow comfortable use.
  • Agility: In some cases, such as office chairs , mobility is an important ergonomic aspect. Chairs that swivel and recline allow greater freedom of movement and promote dynamic sitting.

Overall, it is important to choose a chair that not only looks good, but also takes ergonomic aspects into account. A well-designed ergonomic chair can not only improve the sitting experience, but also contribute to long-term health and well-being.

Design and aesthetics

Design plays a central role in choosing the ideal chair. This is the first thing that jumps out at you and largely determines how the chair fits into the overall picture of a room. The different styles offer different forms of aesthetic expression and functions.

  • Modern elegance: Modern chairs are characterized by clean lines, minimalist shapes and often the use of innovative materials. They fit perfectly into contemporary living spaces, where a simple, yet elegant design is essential.
  • Classic charm: Classic chairs, on the other hand, captivate with their timeless elegance. They are frequently made of premium wood and feature exquisite details. In a traditionally furnished room, they can give a feeling of warmth and history.
  • Industrial Flair: Industrial style is known for its combination of metal and wood as well as its rugged, authentic aesthetic. Chairs of this design fit well into lofts or spaces with an urban touch.
  • Scandinavian sobriety: Scandinavian chairs are known for their functionality and their design that is both simple and effective. Natural materials and light colors dominate this style which is characterized by a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Besides the style, the choice of colors is also decisive. While neutral colors offer flexibility and timeless elegance, bright colors and patterns can make a statement and add personality to the room. Ultimately, the choice of chair design should be a balance between personal taste, the existing design of the room, and desired comfort. A well-chosen chair can serve as a work of art while also playing a functional role in your interior.


Choosing the perfect chair requires a keen eye for aesthetics and functionality, to please both the eye and the body. From modern elegance to Scandinavian sobriety, from robust wood to noble leather, each chair tells its own story and fits harmoniously into the ambiance of our home. Wohnsektion’s chairs, their ergonomic design and careful choice of materials are examples of how quality and comfort go hand in hand.

A well-chosen chair is not just a seat, but an expression of our style and a contribution to our daily well-being.

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