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Stopping smoking: choosing your electronic cigarette

According to the latest studies carried out by scientists, tobacco is singled out just like food. And for good reason, these two causes are responsible for 9 million and 11 million deaths per year respectively across the world. While public health campaigns highlight the fact of having a healthy,

Anatomy of an electronic cigarette

The components of an electronic cigarette

Also called “e-cig” or “e-cigarette”, the electronic cigarette is a small electrical device that allows you to simulate a classic cigarette . The latter then vaporizes a flavored e-liquid, nicotine or not. It artificially recreates the same sensations as with a classic cigarette to facilitate smoking cessation. The electronic cigarette always consists of three elements, elements which can however differ from one model to another. 

Existing models of electronic cigarettes 

Electronic cigarette manufacturers compete in ingenuity to offer a multitude of electronic cigarette models. While some models look like a classic cigarette when spread, others have a cylindrical shape, like the “Ego” models. Depending on the options offered, the models also differ, as is the case for the “Mod” or the “Box” for which it is possible to adjust the power of the steam, to benefit from a long battery life in particular. In any case, depending on your needs, there is one model more suitable than another. To do this, you should carefully read the technical sheet of each e-cig to find the one that suits you best . 

Anatomy of an e-liquid 

The components of e-liquids

The liquids marketed for electronic cigarettes are all composed of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, nicotine, water and alcohol in varying proportions . Propylene glycol is used to promote the sensation of “hit” in the throat and allows flavors to be faithfully reproduced. Vegetable glycerin produces dense, abundant vapor which brings roundness and a sweet side to the flavor of the chosen e-liquid. The flavors can be natural, synthetic, but also vegan, like burgers . Nicotine provides the hit and its variable content allows you to gradually reduce the feelings of withdrawal to put an end to smoking. The water is used to thin the e-liquid in the case where vegetable glycerin is very present in the e-liquid. In this case, water is therefore an optional element. Alcohol is also used to thin the e-liquid but also serves as a flavor enhancer. Like water, alcohol is also an optional component

Existing models of e-liquids

Difficult to establish an exhaustive list of existing e-liquids . Even more so than in the vein of the “DIY” trend, it is possible to compose your own e-liquid. In any case, there are different families of aromas used in the composition of e-liquids: “fruity”, “gourmet”, “menthol” or even “tobacco”. Concerning the nicotine dosage, we mainly find the following concentrations: 0 mg/ml, 6 mg/ml (for people with low nicotine dependence), 11-12 mg/ml (for people with moderate nicotine dependence), 16-18 mg/ml (for people heavily dependent on nicotine). Concentrations that allow you to gradually reduce the nicotine dosage to stop smoking. 

Tips for storing your equipment

Like all electrical equipment, it is important to adopt the right actions to avoid accidents . The electronic cigarette is in no way a toy, which is why it and all its components must be kept out of the reach of children and animals too. The material must be stored away from light, heat and humidity, in a space with a constant temperature. It is better to refer to the user manual to use it wisely and maintain it properly. Finally, e-cigs are prohibited for minors, not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and are prohibited in certain places .

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