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Solutions To Preserve Freshness Inside The House In Summer

Temperatures are starting to rise. It’s time to think about thermal comfort inside the house. Boosting the performance of the air conditioning is an effective solution to keep everyone in the house cool at home during a heatwave. However, this alternative is not recommended due to the negative impacts on the environment and the resulting significant increase in energy consumption.

Carrying out insulation work , optimizing the ventilation of different rooms in the house and installing solar protection on windows are effective and ecological ways to keep the house cool during the hot weather, without increasing the energy bill. These alternatives can even significantly reduce energy consumption.

Carry out insulation work

Thermal insulation not only preserves the heat inside the house in winter but also ensures the preservation of freshness during the summer season. Summer insulation work aims to filter as much of the heat that penetrates inside the house as possible. The roof and attic are the main points of heat penetration. Also, it is essential to reinforce the insulation at these levels or to carry out insulation renovation work as soon as temperatures start to rise.

Attic insulation work to increase the thermal performance of the house in summer is eligible for subsidies provided for the energy transition. To benefit from financial aid, the project must be carried out by an RGE certified craftsman.

Optimize home ventilation

It is strongly recommended to regularly ventilate the house by opening the windows as often as possible, for at least 5 minutes, in summer.

To optimize the natural ventilation of the house and create air currents, you can opt for the installation of transverse or vertical ventilation devices or set up a chimney system, also called thermal draft by integrating ventilation grilles or extraction ducts. Mechanical ventilation systems (controlled mechanical ventilation or VMC, point or distributed mechanical ventilation: VMP or VMR, etc.) also make it possible to optimize the ventilation of the house.

Install solar protection

The east and/or south orientation is beneficial for enjoying ideal sunshine and for warming the interior of the house in winter. However, this configuration contributes to higher indoor temperatures during the summer season. Therefore, it is essential to limit solar exposure to openings facing the sun, in summer, to benefit from cool temperatures inside the house.

To do this, you must install specific protection at the various openings and in particular at the windows and bay windows. You can opt for devices to be installed outside such as awnings and architectural structures (sunshades, natural trellises) or elements to be mounted inside such as adhesive film and blinds (Venetian, rollers). , projected in the Italian style…)

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