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Securing your swimming pool: Solutions

Having your own swimming pool is a must. However, drowning is the leading cause of death among toddlers under 5 years old. To avoid accidents,  installing a safety device is therefore mandatory . Several solutions are available, they must comply with the standards established by the Standardization Association (Afnor). Let’s do a check in.

Swimming pool covers: simple and accessible

The NF P90-308 standard specifies the details to be respected. The cover must  support a weight of 100 kg . It is designed to prevent a 5 year old child from slipping under it. In other words, it must not offer  any opening , nor come loose at the slightest pressure.

You have the choice between  a roller shutter or a tarpaulin . The automatic shutter extends over the entire length of the pool, a motorized system facilitates the procedure. Manufacturers use materials recognized for their strength and  resistance to external elements  such as rain, wind and heat.

The second provides  effective protection . Practical and affordable, the  bar cover  has attracted many owners.

The swimming pool shelter increases your comfort

The NF P90-309 standard stipulates the characteristics. Whatever the design, the presence of a  locking mechanism  is essential. Your little ones will not be able to access the pool when you are away. Then, whether retractable or fixed, the structure must not contain elements which constitute a danger. Like blankets, resistance to a weight of 100 kg is required.

A swimming pool enclosure  limits heat loss, the water will stay warm much longer. You will then enjoy a long swimming season. Manufacturers vary the shapes:  awning, sliding or telescopic , the decision is yours.

It is important to  check with your municipality  before starting the construction of your swimming pool enclosure. For information, a height greater than 1m80 requires a  building permit . If the surface area of ​​your swimming pool exceeds 10 m2 , submitting a  prior declaration of work  is required.

A solid protective barrier

The barrier helps prevent drowning by preventing access to the swimming pool for toddlers under 5 years old when they are unaccompanied. According to the  NF P90-306 standard ,  a minimum height of 1.10 m  is required. It is also necessary to provide a space of 1 m, or more, between the edge and the fence so as  not to obstruct traffic .

The brands offer several materials: glass, iron, wood, PVC or steel. Of course, the entire pond must be fenced. Pay particular attention to the  gate lock , make sure that it is  robust and inaccessible to children.  If the model has a key, it must be kept out of reach of children.

A reliable and effective alarm

The alarm stands out from other systems by its cost and  speed of installation . You have the choice between peripheral or submerged alarms. The first is based on infrared terminals placed around the pool, the alert is triggered when a person crosses the beams. The second relies on sensitive sensors,  they signal possible falls .

The NF P90-307 standard stipulates the main characteristics. The device must  operate 24 hours a day  and  notify you in the event of  power problems. It is designed so that children cannot deactivate it. Furthermore, data relating to  recent manipulations  is easily accessible.

Protect your pool properly

Whatever solution you choose, it is important to  preserve good harmony  between the different elements of your garden. Finally, even if you are good with your hands, it is better to seek the  wise advice of a professional  during the construction or installation of your swimming pool security system.

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