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Repairing your car: why use second-hand car parts?

Is your car broken down or damaged? It would be best if you therefore had it repaired. Depending on the parts to be changed, two choices are available to you: replace the defective or damaged part with a new car part or with a used car part. This second option complies with Decree No. 2016-703 of May 30, 2016, relating to the use of automobile spare parts from the circular economy. It’s good for the planet and your wallet.

New auto parts: sometimes an obligation

If your vehicle’s breakdown concerns a wearing part such as the brake pads, the timing belt or the oil filter for example, it is actually not wise to replace them with second-hand equipment. Buying new auto parts gives you the manufacturer’s guarantee of durability over time. So, in the event of further breakdowns, you will be covered.

The same goes for all electronic equipment, the reliability of which is very difficult to verify yourself, even if you have a good command of automobile mechanics.

Used auto parts: the choice of sustainable development

On the other hand, for everything related to bodywork or upholstery, buying used car parts is an excellent choice, for several reasons.

  • Compliance with the law: since January 1, 2017, the legislation requires that all ‚Äúprofessionals marketing vehicle maintenance or repair services must enable consumers to opt for the use, for certain categories of vehicle parts. spare parts, parts from the circular economy, instead of new parts. ¬Ľ
  • Ecological aspect: although you cannot do without your car, you are concerned about ecology and zero waste. When changing a damaged rearview mirror or a stamped door, you might as well use parts from scrapped vehicles, but whose parts are intact.
  • Car no longer sold: you are the happy owner of an old model of car, which you absolutely do not want to part with. The manufacturer no longer manufactures it and has also stopped the production of spare parts, you have no other solution than to turn to second-hand car parts.
  • Economic aspect: most of the time, used car parts are much cheaper than new ones. If your car budget is tight, especially since a breakdown or accident always happens at the wrong time, this is definitely a good plan.

Replacement auto parts: standards to respect

Before rushing to the local wrecker, find out about the standards to be respected . Indeed, used or not, an auto part must meet all safety criteria. A seemingly healthy part may have suffered damage invisible to the naked eye. In the event of an accident, you will then be held responsible.

So always make sure of the origin of the used car part by checking the reliability of the retailer. Contact well-established brands or websites indicating legal notices (CGV). You must be able to contact them in the event of a problem (postal address, email address, telephone number, etc.).

When your vehicle breaks down or is in an accident, it is sometimes wise to replace damaged parts with used car parts.

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