Prepare your move to Reims

If you come from another region or if you want to get closer to the city center, here is some information to know about one of the capitals of Champagne, a title that the city of Reims shares with Epernay. Close to the Belgian and German borders, the city of Reims is a very touristy city in the north-east of France.

Find accommodation in Reims

If you are considering purchasing an apartment in the city of Reims, there is some information to check: access to public transport, nearby shops, or even public services, you will choose according to your preferences. If you have children or if you plan to have them, the immediate proximity of a school is always a plus when choosing your future accommodation. Depending on your tastes and your budget, you will therefore choose the very central district, close to the cathedral, if you are looking for accommodation in a rather upscale area. If you want accommodation in a family area, the Cernay and Jean Jaurès districts will best suit your needs. If, on the contrary, you are banking on the future, you can invest in the Saint-Rémi district, where prices are still reasonable.

The move to Reims

A move, whether long or short distance, must be well prepared. Arm yourself with boxes, rent a van, or entrust this task to moving professionals if you wish. Find out about parking arrangements on moving day, so as not to disturb your new neighbors. It is also interesting to consult the town hall to be certain that on the big day, a market or garage sale will not prevent you from settling in. 

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