Peugeot Expert compact van: these technical characteristics that make the difference

The van is an extremely practical vehicle. Very useful for professionals needing to regularly transport large quantities of goods, it allows at the same time to benefit from driving comfort similar to that which a sedan could provide. It is also perfect for traveling or moving. Among them, the Peugeot Expert compact van is at the top of the most popular utility vehicles. Why that?

The dimensions of the Peugeot Expert compact van: easy driving in an urban environment

The Peugeot Expert van is first distinguished by its dimensions. With a length of 4.6 meters, it has the incredible advantage of being able to navigate any street, so that the driver can load without being forced to park on an adjacent avenue. It therefore represents an appreciable saving of time compared to the disappointments to which other types of van are usually exposed .

However, its technical characteristics, available in detail on the specialized blog MyUtilitaire, also give the Peugeot Expert compact van an impressive load capacity. This is explained firstly by its other dimensions. Measuring 1.60 meters from tire to tire and 2.2 meters from mirror to mirror, and at least 1.80 meters from ground to roof, it remains as practical in use as it is spacious inside.

Impressive load capacity that does not compromise driving comfort

Peugeot has taken the lead in the ranking of French automobile brands , and we understand why when we focus for a moment on the other technical characteristics of the Peugeot Expert compact van. Despite its reduced dimensions, the van offers the possibility of transporting no less than 5.3 m³ of goods. Its foolproof robustness finally allows the total mass of goods transported to be around 1,400 kilograms.

One might think that these technical feats would only be achievable at the expense of comfort in the cabin. However, the Peugeot Expert benefits, on the one hand, from excellent road holding. On the other hand, its Moduwork modular partition system provides perfect thermal and acoustic insulation. Passengers will be able to travel for a long time without having to endure the noise produced by the goods. Finally, the comfortable seats can be increased without affecting the vehicle’s performance.

Engine performance and safety equipment of the Peugeot Expert van

The Peugeot Expert compact van finally has the undeniable advantage of being equipped with BlueHDi Euro 6 engines. The various characteristics of these engines, each equipped with a fine particle filter to better preserve the environment, allow very reasonable consumption. of fuel not exceeding 6.5 l/100 on average. A Stop & Start system brings even more savings, by drastically limiting fuel costs in the event of a stop. Finally, there’s nothing to complain about with the Peugeot Expert compact van in terms of safety either .

Everything is there: the 4 airbags, the intelligent camera transmitting the information collected on the traffic signs to transmit them to the cruise control or the emergency braking system are just some of the equipment that will benefit the lucky owners of this van. And no need to look for how to buy the best radio on the internet: the Mirror Screen functionality allows you to connect your phone via USB to a 7-inch touch screen.

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