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Maintaining a car without a license: the essential parts

As part of the regular maintenance of a car without a license, transmission parts are essential. Therefore, to guarantee the good handling of your vehicle and the safety of passengers, the engine variation, the timing belt and the gearbox deserve particular attention. Let’s do a check-in.

The motor variator

The motor variator is an essential element that influences how the car without a license will react during the acceleration phase. As a result, the responsiveness of the vehicle will depend on the power of the motor controller installed. When you install an original motor variator for a car without a license, this allows the car to have a very gradual and perfectly smooth increase in speed. Therefore, to avoid premature deterioration of the engine or a risk of overheating, it is advisable to quickly change the engine variator of your car without a license as soon as any irregularity appears in the acceleration phase. It should also be noted that, to the extent that an unlicensed car is designed for a maximum speed of 45 km per hour, unclamping of the motor variator is prohibited by law, which authorizes insurance companies to refuse compensation in case of disaster.

The timing and transmission belt

The main role of the belt is to synchronize the different elements that make up the engine. This part forms the link between the crankshaft, the shafts, the water pump and the injection pump in a diesel engine. The belt also allows precise coordination between the valves and the pistons. If this part is worn, the two elements risk colliding and causing damage to the entire engine system of the car without a license. Thus, the transmission belt is an extremely stressed part. It is then recommended to change it every 10,000 km, and more particularly if the part is cracked or has microcracks. Likewise, when the vehicle emits a constant and uninterrupted squeal, in this case it may also be a failure of the transmission belt which requires the replacement of this part. Indeed, deterioration of this part can lead to irreversible damage to the engine.

The gearbox

Approved for driving on the road, the particularity of the license-free car is its automatic gearbox. The clutch pedal is therefore non-existent. Only the brake and accelerator allow the driver to control their speed and adapt it as they drive. If during acceleration and deceleration, a rumble overwhelms the passenger compartment or when the gear lever seems more resistant to gear changes, in this case, it may prove inevitable to replace the gearbox.

Consequently, like any motor vehicle, the unlicensed car requires regular maintenance of all its parts, and in particular the transmission parts, to ensure its proper functioning. The good handling of the vehicle is also at stake, but above all the safety of the passengers .

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