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Labor Law Lawyer, A Sought-after Specialty

Conflicts between employers and employees have become very recurrent within companies. laws any employee has the possibility of contacting the industrial tribunal to report abuse against them. To achieve this, you need to hire an employment lawyer.

What is an employment lawyer?

An employment law lawyer is a legal professional who, upon completion of his training, specializes in issues concerning employment contracts. It can be requested by an employer or an employee. The lawyer specializing in labor law can also work independently or within a firm like Giorgini Avocats. Find the best labor law lawyer in Lausanne here.

What are his areas of expertise?

The areas of expertise of the employment law lawyer are varied. It should be noted that this professional generally advises his client on several aspects of the employment contract. The first aspect is the employee’s remuneration. This aspect includes salaries, bonuses, or incentives.

The second aspect concerns the type of work organization which includes overtime, leave, night work, etc. The other aspects concern the legal structure of the company, the preservation of the integrity of disabled people, and the drafting (or modification) of employment contracts.

Why call on a lawyer specializing in employment law?

The employment lawyer is an asset not only to the employer but also to the employee. From the moment an employee feels wronged (unfair dismissal, harassment) regarding the employment contract, he can rely on the legal expertise of the lawyer to find an amicable agreement. If necessary, the latter can help bring the matter before the competent courts. However, the employer also has the right to hire a labor law lawyer for his defense. Except for conflicts, this professional represents a legal advisor to the employer.

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