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Our era is undoubtedly that of connectivity and networks. Thanks to the smartphone, we are now in permanent contact with our groups of friends, our professional living spaces and even our consumption possibilities. This opening to the world via the small touch screen is surely only just beginning and each year new technical explorations enrich our life experience. And with Iagona’s interactive terminals , it’s yet another step towards the simplification of our lives which is taking place in stores. Presentation.

An interactive terminal to energize your sales space

An interactive digital reception terminal is first and foremost an anchor point for your customers and an ideal way to build their loyalty. Indeed, in spaces as varied as health structures, hotels and restaurants or of course businesses, the digital terminal is a fantastic tool to facilitate customer identification and orientation. This connected solution makes it possible to streamline reception at points of sale and thereby limit staffing requirements.

In addition, the integration of Iagona’s interactive terminals into your sales space will have the effect of not only beautifying and enriching it but also giving it an appearance of professional seriousness and technical skills, two major assets in the conviction of today’s customers. But beyond its contemporary aesthetics, it is above all its functionalities which make this terminal an essential development for today’s businesses.

Interactivity and optimized customer experience

Indeed, enriching the customer experience is now a priority for most companies. This is explained above all by the increase in competition in almost all sectors of the economy, competition due in particular to the growth of e-commerce and the explosion of globalized trade in goods. To stand out, it is therefore necessary to offer an additional experience to the customer and this often involves the connected tool.

Iagona’s interactive terminals are designed to display all kinds of useful information to the customer. For example, they will be able to find an access map to a shopping mall, an application linked to a store’s services or even essential information such as the waiting time before being picked up, for example. Finally, the terminal can act as an advertising broadcaster and start to convince your customer before they have even met a salesperson!

Iagona interactive terminals, cutting-edge technological tools

To be as efficient, Iagona interactive terminals are equipped with the best software and technological components on the market. The company also constantly monitors technical progress in order to constantly update its models and offer the best interactivity to its customers. So much so that the interactive terminal can today support salespeople in their task by providing them with multiple information on customers.

Indeed, the interactive terminal can be very useful in qualifying customer needs and thus directing them directly to the sector or seller best able to meet these needs. It can sometimes even make sales itself thanks to its connected interface or retrieve customer data using satisfaction questionnaires, for example. In short, it is a powerful tool that optimizes your aesthetics, your customer relations and your sales! What more could you ask for from a simple terminal ?

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