How to Remove Spyware from Your Phone in Just a Few Steps

How to Remove Spyware from Your Device Permanently? Spyware, also known as spyware, is a malicious program designed to spy on cell phones in order to monitor all user activities of any electronic device without permission.

They act insidiously and are absolutely “silent”: in reality, it can happen that any person, family member, friend or even employer installs a spy application to monitor all your activities on your cell phone or tablet.

Spyware is a type of application that hides in the background and manipulates or tracks the user’s browsing on the Internet, records all the activities and sends this information to a third party who wants to monitor every text message sent, calls received, content of chats on major social networks, etc. etc.

These are spy apps that are installed on your electronic device without your knowledge and can cause privacy issues. To avoid this, you can follow this guide that will help you uninstall spyware from your Apple or Android phone permanently.

What is spyware?

Before we get into the technical aspects of spyware removal, it is good to first understand what spyware is and how its insidious presence is detected on your electronic device.

Spyware is a type of hard-to-detect malware that collects useful information about your browsing habits, history, or personal information (like credit card numbers) and uses the Internet to transmit this data to third parties without your knowledge. Keyloggers are a type of spyware that secretly monitor, intercept, and “capture” everything that is typed on the cell phone keyboard without the user being aware of it.

There are two ways that spyware can “take over” your cell phone or smartphone:

One way occurs when a user unknowingly surfs particular websites and agrees to install certain plugins,
a second possibility occurs when a person knowingly installs a spy application on the device of the person they want to monitor.

How to detect the presence of spyware on your own device?

It is absolutely not easy to know if your mobile is controlled by a spy application: in fact, it is not possible to give a precise answer to this question.

You can detect the presence of spyware when pop-up ads suddenly appear or when special toolbars and/or extensions appear that were not present on the device before.

Another way to notice the presence of a spy app on your device could be the continuous occurrence of errors and crashes.

These are the most common and frequent signs of spyware installation that slows down your internet browsing and spies on all the activities and actions you constantly perform on your device on a daily basis.

How to remove spyware?

There are usually two groups of people who want to understand how to remove cell phone monitoring software or a spy app installed on the device: the person who installed the software and the “victim” who is being spied on and monitored.

If you are the person who installed the spy software, go to the control panel of the programs and the website of the company that produces the spy software you installed, you will find different information to follow, depending on the application and the operating system of the mobile.

For example, if you have installed Flexispy, one of the best and most powerful monitoring applications, on a third party’s electronic device, you can also remove it remotely: just send an encrypted SMS to the monitored person’s phone, which will automatically uninstall the software. To proceed with the uninstallation of the software, you will find the codes on the program’s control panel.

If you are the spied “victim” and the application was installed on your device without your knowledge, you cannot have access to this information. Don’t panic! If you have discovered that spyware has been installed on your smartphone but you do not have access to the program’s control panel, you can still remove it completely. There are two methods to follow, which we present below.

Resetting the device

One way to remove spyware from your device is to reset the device, but it’s important to make a backup first. You can perform this reset yourself, and on most phones, it’s easy to do: just go to Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset.

You can manually reinstall any apps you need, and contacts from address book, mail, etc. can be safely restored from backup.

The process is very simple and anyone can do it: it is a safe way to remove any spyware from your cell phone.

Operating System Update

A second method to remove the spy app from your device is to update the operating system, again it is very important to backup all your data.

If your phone is already running the latest version of the operating system, you can restore the previous version and then reinstall the latest version of the operating system on your device.

How to manually remove spy apps?

It is possible to manually remove spyware from the device by accessing the phone’s file system and performing the software program removal procedure.

This is a more complicated spyware removal method than the ones mentioned above, because many users are unable to recognize which files are necessary for the proper functioning of the phone and should not be deleted at all. With this method, one can risk deleting something and, on the contrary, not removing the spyware.

How to remove spyware from an iPhone?

There is an easy way to remove spyware from iPhone: you need to remove the jailbreak by updating the operating system, the operation is really simple. Remember to backup your phone and update your iOS via iTunes before completing the jailbreak removal. After the removal, you can always reinstall the jailbreak with the certainty that the spyware has been successfully removed from your iPhone.

Prevention is better than cure

Removing spyware is quite simple and the above methods are effective and ensure safe removal of the monitoring app from your phone.

Never forget to manually backup and restore all previously saved data and software applications needed for the proper functioning of the device. Always protect your device, prevention is better than cure!

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