How to Match Your Decor to Your White Walls

You have just chosen a white shade as the color facade paint for your house and your interior. You love the effect of clarity and openness that it creates in your home. It is a color that you have chosen with love and do not wish to change. However, it is starting to seem a little bland and not lively enough as you imagined. Faced with an inability to change this color, you are surely looking for a solution to remedy this situation. Thanks to this article, you will discover that the right thing to do is to rely on fading to create the desired color contrast.

1. Choose natural decoration

Having walls painted white does not condemn your interior to being boring. You simply need to adopt the right decoration to succeed in giving it a little more liveliness. For this, there is nothing better than a decoration inspired by nature. So, for your floors, you can choose wooden parquet. The latter exists in several shades and different patterns, it’s up to you to see what suits your desires. You can also decorate your interior space with wooden furniture. Chairs, tables, sofas… each piece will help give this warm and friendly appearance to your home. That’s not all ! There are a variety of decorative styles you can adopt to breathe new life into your interior space.

2. Opt for warm colors

Your white walls are not a negative point. Rather, they offer you the option of matching them to any other color. You have the choice of choosing a single dominant color for your furniture, such as Falun red. Or an alternative between two colors that go well together. Or, play it multi-colored by mixing different colors to create an interior bursting with energy and positivity. There is also the solution of adopting fairly calm colors, but putting the light on a single piece of furniture which will be in a flashy color. To do this, it can be a sofa in the middle of your living room, a decorative table at the entrance to your house, a traditional rug that catches the eye of your visitors… The possibilities are truly unlimited, it’s up to you to decide.

3. Focus on decorative accessories

If you are not satisfied with the result with colored furniture, it is always possible to use accessories. To bring joy back to your walls, you can hang pictures there, for example. These could be family photos to celebrate your special occasions, or simple nature paintings full of color. For these elements, it is also possible to play with the design by hanging several small paintings side by side, or by creating a particular shape with them. Please note that if you don’t prefer paintings, you can simply stick stickers on your walls. This is also an interesting tip. Additionally, there are other decorative accessories you can choose from, such as vases or statues.

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