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How to improve your mobile signal reception?

Are you having difficulty surfing in 4G? Are your phone’s mobile signal bars almost non-existent? Can’t make a call all day? To find quality network coverage , it is in your best interest to install a mobile network signal amplifier.

Find quality network coverage

The GSM amplifier is the best solution to permanently resolve your network problems. Whether your house is in the countryside or in a “white zone”, your cellular amplifier will allow you to communicate in complete peace of mind.

This device captures the weak signal from your relay antenna, amplifies it and broadcasts it to you at high power. Furthermore, the cellular repeater works in both directions. That is, it helps to better receive and send data. By opting for a dual or tri-band model, you can even go on the internet without the slightest difficulty.

The GSM signal amplifier can cover different areas, ranging from 300 to 3,000 m2. On large areas, it is even possible to install several amplifiers. This approach is very useful for benefiting from efficient network coverage.

How much does a 3G/4G GSM amplifier cost?

As with any device, the price of your mobile signal repeater depends mainly on its brand and its characteristics. 4G/LTE amplifier, for boats, for cars or even for GSM calls, prices vary between €150 and €950. To ensure you don’t miss anything of your choice, we recommend that you purchase a device compatible with all French operators.

Regarding the brand, you can for example bet on the manufacturer Nikrans. Leader in the sector, the latter offers robust, powerful devices that benefit from excellent quality/price ratio. Better yet, Nikrans provides its customers with complete kits that only require a few minutes to install. 

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