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how to get pre-approved for a VA home loan

Becoming a homeowner is a long and tedious process. With the search for a good property, the administrative procedures, and the mortgage loan… finding your future home can quickly become a complex journey. To make your process easier from the start, it is important to request mortgage pre-approval.

Mortgage pre-approval allows you to make your property purchase project a reality by highlighting your borrowing and repayment capacity and determining the mortgage rate you can benefit from based on your financial situation.

By getting pre-approved for your mortgage, you can make your budget a reality and even take advantage of a mortgage rate lock to avoid market fluctuations.

What is a VA home pre-approval?

A  VA home pre-approval , also called mortgage pre-qualification or mortgage pre-approval, is a process that allows you to determine your financial situation in relation to your loan application and to acquire important information relating to your real estate searches.

When you get pre-approved for a  VA home, you know the maximum mortgage amount you can borrow, the amount of your monthly mortgage payments and the rate for your first mortgage term. Depending on the lender, the latter can guarantee you this rate for a period of 60 to 130 days.

The mortgage pre-approval request is free and takes place in several stages. During this process, the lending institution or  VA homebroker reviews your finances and determines your eligibility requirements. This includes all of your personal information, administrative documents, and a credit check. The mortgage pre-approval process does not guarantee your approval for a mortgage.

Why use a  VA home pre-approval?

Pre-approval for a mortgage helps save you time and energy . This pre-qualification allows you to start shopping for homes in your price range, making the process faster. In addition, when making an offer to the seller, the latter will be reassured about your financial capabilities and therefore more likely to accept your offer, especially in the event of competition where several proposals have already been made.

Mortgage pre-approval also gives you an idea of ​​your monthly payments, allowing you to establish a budget and better anticipate and manage your future expenses.

Where to get pre-approved for a  VA home?

You can request mortgage pre-approval from a mortgage lending institution or mortgage broker .

 VA home lenders

Mortgage lenders are the financial institutions that provide you with the money for your mortgage purchase directly. These include all banking institutions, mortgage companies, credit unions, credit unions, loan and trust companies and even insurance companies.

Your mortgage interest rates and borrowing terms change depending on the lending institution. It is therefore advisable to consult several lenders before making your decision to ensure you obtain the mortgage product best suited to your needs and financial situation.

It is important to read your mortgage contract carefully before signing, since even if it is possible to change lender after signing the contract, this can still result in the payment of a penalty to the lender called the prepayment penalty. .

Mortgage brokers

Mortgage brokers , unlike banks and other financial institutions, do not lend you money directly, but they work in your interest to find you the mortgage product that best suits your needs.

The mortgage broker acts as an intermediary to advise you and guide you throughout your process. Its mission is to support you and help you negotiate the best mortgage rates and conditions with banks and other financial institutions.

In addition, some mortgage products are only available through a mortgage broker so by working with them, you are sure to obtain a greater number of choices.

With Courtier Hypothécaire Québec , you benefit from a complete and personalized service throughout your purchasing process. Thanks to the expertise and experience of our brokers, you are sure to find the best offer.

How to get pre-approved for a mortgage?

Requesting a mortgage pre-approval is free and can be done through a financial institution or mortgage broker. The person responsible for your file will need to verify some information to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria.

Necessary documentation to provide

Depending on the lender or mortgage broker, the documents required when applying for mortgage pre-approval may vary. However, some important documents remain unchanged and allow the lender to see your assets, income and debt level.

The documents that you may be asked for mortgage authorization are:

  • Proof of identification
  • Proof of income or employment (pay slip, letter from your employer, etc.)
  • History with your employer if applicable
  • Proof of the down payment amount and closing costs (bank account, financial portfolio, etc.)
  • Information about assets you own such as a car, boat, house, etc.
  • Information about your debts and financial obligations (credit card balances or lines of credit, child or spouse’s pensions, student, automobile or personal loans, etc.)
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