How to gain agility through digital?

Traditional methods used within a company as well as management often hinder their agility.  Digital  therefore presents itself as a major opportunity to be more agile thanks to its many advantages .

The advantages of digital

Large companies have been developing their digital transformation for several years. Unlike SMEs that have a fairly low margin, the importance of a digital diagnosis for SMEs aims to determine the starting point of a digital project in order to be able to set objectives. The main interest of the operation is the development of the company via the privileges offered by digital. The first advantage is the reduction of communication costs . A digital medium is less expensive than the traditional means of communication used.

In addition, marketing and sales operations developed via digital are more flexible and quick to carry out . The preparation time is less and does not require the organization of several corporations or service providers. Simple gestures  such as clicking on a button are most often enough to trigger a series of actions. The last point is the performance of the operation to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of an approach through customer feedback and statistical data. As a result, the company is able to know whether it should continue the same approach or not.

A more agile company

The speed of customer feedback offered by digital technology allows a company to opt for a “test and learn” strategy. This strategy is beneficial for both the company and its customers. In addition, customer service, thanks to communication and fluidity of data sharing between customers and the company, will be able to be more aware of their requests or complaints in order to react quickly and be proactive .

When it comes to internal communication, the company’s employees will be continuously connected wherever they are thanks to cutting-edge technology  . This allows them to comply with needs at an appropriate speed; the company thus becomes more agile. Therefore, it is recommended to seek external support in order to benefit from a more objective and relevant external vision.

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