How to choose a summer camp?

Every year, many children go to summer camp to meet up with friends, relax and do educational activities. The problem is that there are now countless organizations offering summer camps. Since the activities offered, the price and the professionalism vary from one organization to another, parents have a hard time choosing the right stay for their children. If you have the same problem, here is our advice for choosing the right summer camp. 

Compare organisms

 To  choose the right summer camp , the first thing you need to do is research the market. Identify three or four companies. Find out about the offers proposed by each professional. Compare the services they offer, the length of stay, the prices, etc.

 Before you decide on a summer camp organization, check the reviews or comments posted on its website or on internet forums. You can also ask for some recommendations or rely on word of mouth. 

Learning stay or relaxing stay?

 Defining the goal of the stay with your child in advance also helps you choose a summer camp. Indeed, the choice is different depending on whether he wants to live a new experience, make a discovery, learn a new language or whether he is only looking to relax. 

Once you know your child’s preferences, it becomes easier for you to choose the activities that suit him or her. In the case of a language learning trip abroad, for example, your child may be able to stay with a native host family. 

Bet on a certified organization

 During the summer camp, the child will be away from you. Therefore, to have peace of mind during his days of absence, only entrust him to a serious and qualified organization. By relying on a certified center, you will have the assurance that the regulations and standards in terms of summer camps are respected. The professional must declare to the Ministry of Youth and Sports all the stays he plans to carry out. In addition, at least half of the teaching staff must have a diploma such as BAFD or BAFA. Finally, all staff must be subject to regular inspections. So, to choose the right summer camp, make sure that the organization is declared compliant with the NF standard issued by AFNOR. 

Determine in advance the location and duration of the summer camp

The choice of place and duration of stay depends mainly on the age of the child or teenager and his character. So, do not choose them arbitrarily. 

If he is still too young and if it seems to you that he is not yet independent, choose a short stay. This is also the case if he has a less open or slightly shy character. It would be difficult to manage him when he undergoes a long separation. 

As for teenagers, they can stay for several days without any problem. It is even possible to send them to faraway destinations in order to teach them to manage on their own and to optimize their autonomy.

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