Get the Right Tires: Here’s the guide on how to choose the right tires for your car

What are the  best tires  ? This question cannot be answered with a specific brand or model, since there are so many  excellent tires on the market  that offer safety and performance. It is therefore more correct to talk about  suitable tires  , but even in this case it is not easy to answer, since many aspects must be taken into account in order to be able to provide an exhaustive answer, starting from your  specific needs  . These vary from one driver to another,   If a tire is suitable for one driver, it may not be suitable for other drivers. So here is a  guide on how to choose the right tires for your car  , taking into account your needs.

Measurements are essential

To make a good choice, the first step is certainly to  check the measurements  of your tires, indicated both on the shoulder of the tire and on the vehicle registration document. Choosing tires  of  different sizes can result in finding  tires that are unsuitable  for your car and that sometimes cannot even be installed. The advice is to choose tires  of the same size  as those indicated in the booklet, however it is possible to mount covers of  different sizes  on your car , but in this case you will have to obtain a  new homologation from the Motorization and the procedures will be a little long, even if they have been simplified compared to a few years ago thanks to the  Wheel Decree  . The booklet offers both the tire sizes currently on board and a series of other  sizes compatible  with your car from which you can select the one to install. However, it is necessary to ensure that the alternative measurements are also  compatible with the available rims  , as this is not always the case. 

Type of tires

There are three types of tires:  winter  and  summer  , which are considered seasonal tires, and  all-season  , that is, tires that can be used all year round. In this case, the choice must be made taking into account the area and  climatic conditions in which you drive  most of the time and the number of kilometers traveled over the twelve months. Those who face a  cold climate  characterized by snow   and  frost  , will then have to bet on  winter tires  , to alternate with  summer tires  in the warm season. If, on the other hand, car travel is mainly in  mild areas  , with no or sporadic snow and ice on the roads, you can bet on  all-season tires  , designed to be left on board the vehicle all year round, although  not suitable for the most extreme conditions  .

Load and speed index

Then, there are two parameters that a motorist must always take into account when choosing tires for his car: both are indicated both on the side of the tire and in the vehicle registration document and they are the  load index  and the  speed index  . 

In order to be sure to buy the most suitable tires for the car in our possession, it is essential to follow the instructions provided in the booklet regarding these two elements. The load index and the speed index of the roofs  must be equal to or greater  than the values ​​in the booklet, otherwise it is not possible to mount these tires on our vehicle and you may face administrative sanctions – and even the seizure of the car – in the event of checks. 

By following the instructions provided in this guide, it  will be easy to choose the right tires for your car  , reducing the risk of errors during the selection phase to zero. 

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