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Expert Air Conditioning Repair in Boca Raton for Reliable Comfort Restoration

Reduced performance, overconsumption, poor programming, flowing water… The problems linked to the operation of air conditioning are numerous and appear despite rigorous regular maintenance. Boca Raton It is then better to know the classic causes of malfunctions and how to repair air conditioning alone or with the help of a professional. Our advisors develop this thorny subject for you to best guide you towards the solution adapted to your problem.


From the choice of your air conditioning,  Boca Raton you can limit the problems linked to a lack of performance of your device or its overconsumption. Indeed, it is during your selection that you will be able to determine the power adapted to your needs as well as the energy class of your device. We therefore advise you to always call on an expert air conditioning advisor, to evaluate these two elements according to your building (loss coefficient, number of openings, insulation), but also according to the surface area of ​​the rooms to be cooled/ warm as well as the climate of your installation region. It is in fact all of these elements that make it possible to calculate as closely as possible the power adapted to your situation, and thus avoid unpleasant surprises.

In addition, it is also when choosing your device that you can select its different options (opening detection for example) but also the technology that equips it (Inverter or not). These different choices will lead you, or not, to equip yourself properly and thus limit future problems of overconsumption or thermal discomfort.

You will then need to ensure three other elements:

  • The warranty provided by the brand of your device and the terms and conditions for obtaining replacement parts (processing time, shipping, stock);
  • The installation guarantee and what it includes;
  • The quality of after-sales service both from the brand of your device and from the chosen seller.

Indeed, note that it is possible for you to install your split type air conditioning yourself (one outdoor unit for one or more indoor units) but that only a certified professional can carry out its operation. The latter requires handling of refrigerant that only a holder of a certificate of capacity can carry out. However, because it is essential to allow the correct evacuation of condensate and to ensure the correct electrical connection of your air conditioning system, we strongly advise you to have the installation and commissioning carried out by a professional. You will thus benefit from an additional guarantee concerning the installation of your equipment and will therefore be able to turn to the latter in the event of a problem. Especially since a power problem with your device could cause your meter to trip. In addition, a certified professional will be able to present to you the adjustment methods for your device adapted to your home, for optimal thermal comfort.

Finally, do not hesitate to take out a maintenance contract for your air conditioning system (split model). This will allow you to benefit from additional guarantees between interventions and to benefit, according to the terms specific to your contract, from interventions in the event of a malfunction.



Does your device offer you a different thermal comfort than a few months ago? Or do you have the impression that it makes more noise when the air is diffused? Or that dust is more present in the air? Remember to check the cleanliness of your indoor unit filters! It is essential to carry out their maintenance 1 to 2 times a month depending on your use of air conditioning. In fact, these filters retain the largest dust particles but require regular cleaning in order to continue to fulfill their role but also to allow air to pass through.

In addition, removing dust from the fans of the indoor units and the outdoor unit helps maintain the thermal performance of your device and prevents the formation of frost on your outdoor unit.


An air conditioner, because it conveys a refrigerant and generates condensation, can be subject to leaks.

Different elements allow you to consider this type of problem and detect a leak in your air conditioning system  : a drop in thermal performance, the formation of frost on your outdoor unit, a puddle or leaks at or under your indoor units, among others.

You will then need to assess where this could come from (to discover:  Air conditioning leak: what is happening? What are the risks? ) then possibly remedy it 

(to discover: Leak from the air conditioning system: how to prevent it and remedy it? ) if this is possible. For example, a condensate leak will most of the time require emptying the collection tray of your units and then checking that the drain is in perfect condition. However, when it comes to a drain pipe in poor condition or a suspected refrigerant leak, only one option exists: call on a certified professional, for your safety and the proper functioning of the your device.

It is important to note that a refrigerant leak can be extremely dangerous to those in your household. In fact, it is an odorless and colorless gas which can lead to asphyxiation. It is therefore essential to have your air conditioning properly maintained in order to avoid any gas leaks but also so that the professional responsible for its maintenance can safely recharge your air conditioning system if necessary.


Like any electrical device, air conditioning is subject to certain good practices and regulations regarding electrical power. Thus, an air conditioning device must have its own input to the circuit breaker, without any intermediate element between it and said meter. You will then need to ensure that you use the correct amperage, indicated by the manufacturer of your product. Finally, a curve D circuit breaker will be necessary to power your air conditioner, even if those of the curve C type are less expensive. The D curve model makes it possible to meet the greater energy needs when starting your air conditioning, by tolerating a greater load demand over a short period than the C curve type circuit breakers.

Failure to comply with one of these criteria can result in power cuts to your air conditioning, or even to your entire meter depending on the connections made. However, other elements can cause these famous cuts, in particular a defective component within your air conditioning. To find out more on the subject, discover our article entitled: Why does my air conditioning “trip” the circuit breaker? You will find all the information relating to the correct connections of your air conditioning as well as the possible causes of this power cut.

Of course, if in doubt, always call an experienced electrician. It will be able to overcome problems specific to your electrical network and make the necessary changes in complete safety.

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