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Everything you need to know about facial scrub

The skin stores many impurities within it, which has the effect of dulling the complexion and encouraging the appearance of spots. Dead cells also accumulate, and the epidermis ends up saturated. To wake it up while preserving it, there’s nothing like a facial scrub. To be done once a week, it has many benefits and can be done in several ways. Discover all the secrets of facial exfoliation in this article!

1. The benefits of facial scrub

The first rule to follow to maintain beautiful skin is to remove makeup correctly every evening. Yes, even after a drunken evening, or before going to bed very early! Then apply a day cream, if possible moisturizing and with as few chemicals as possible. Finish this beauty routine with a facial scrub once a week and, if you don’t find baby-like skin, you should at least find a beautiful glow!

First of all, the scrub, since it is exfoliating, will eliminate all impurities (or most of them), as well as dead cells. Your skin will regain a smoother appearance, you will look good without having to expose yourself to the sun and your complexion will appear more even. This is due to the stimulation of cell renewal caused by the exfoliation.

2. What types of scrubs to choose?

You will find three different types of scrubs in your favorite stores:

  • Exfoliation with grains: although it acts immediately on the skin, its action is unfortunately only superficial. If you see the need, know that you can apply it to your entire body. All skin types are entitled to it! Pay attention to the size of the grains. In fact, the greater this is, the more abrasive the grains appear. Dry skin will therefore prefer fine-grained scrubs. Non-irritating, they will protect them more.
  • The grain-free scrub acts deeply, but its action is less rapid. It cannot be applied to the body and will delight all skin with imperfections or mature skin.
  • The peel is also usually applied to the face. Take a small amount of product and apply it in a thin layer to your entire face (except eyes and mouth, obviously). Then slowly massage your skin to remove the product. Don’t panic if you see small pieces of skin coming off: they get rid of dead cells and impurities!

You are ready to regain skin whose radiance and beauty your friends will envy. If you are unsure about which product to choose, do not hesitate to seek advice from professionals.

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