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Digital Training: This Learning Method That Uses Digital Tools

Modern tools are serving cutting-edge teaching! Today’s companies face a major challenge in terms of training: more and more teleworking, employees who want to change jobs, retrain, or progress. This is why the use of training is growing and the use of digital tools is becoming essential in everyone’s professional career. Nell and Associates support your project and training needs in this spirit.

Adapted and modular training

Nell et Associé is an organization that designs digital training courses applied to several key areas. At each stage of your company’s development, they support your employees. They are involved in graphic design, concept development, content creation, audiovisual production, etc. Their core business is training through Digital Learning, whether initial, ongoing, or in mediation. The speakers are not only professional experts but also teaching specialists.

A modern approach that relies on digital

Training with Nell and Associates can be done via Blended Learning. Part of face-to-face training and another on-site. In addition to saving time and reducing costs for your company, this system allows access to training from anywhere. The learner progresses at his own pace independently, the training managers follow each course more easily. It is possible to supplement the training with exchanges on networks such as chats or dedicated forums. They can design training and digital tools for various companies (security, commerce, industry, communication, etc.). Nell & Associés use all social networks to support learners because the feeling of community represents a motivating asset and rich in exchanges during training.

Digital: a tool but not only!

Using social media is an excellent way to train. The offer continues to grow and diversify. However, it remains difficult to sort between quality training and others. Beyond the quality of the content, it is also about our brain rest time. With the increased use of distance learning, our viewing habits are experiencing a significant increase. There are features provided by the platforms to notify you of your viewing time to suggest that you disconnect or take a break. It’s about finding a balance between activities in front of screens and activities outdoors or in groups. The use of social media and viewing in general should remain reasonable. The psychological balance of some of the users of these media is a concern that we must begin to consider. The formations also fall into this field of observation. This is why Blended Learning as practiced at Nell et Associés is highly acclaimed by our clients.

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