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Decoration: How To Transform Your Wall Decoration?

You have white walls that are a little too bare. You have a house that has no name. The solution is quite simple. You simply have to dress your walls. Whether it is wallpaper or original creations, there are several possibilities for transforming a wall decoration.

Wallpaper to warm up the house

Above all, decorated walls bring warmth to the interior. They delimit spaces in the house. Wall decoration highlights the interior of a home. It allows you to display a personalized and unique decoration. It is essential to find the perfect balance so as not to stifle the atmosphere of the room. Painting a wall with color is a perfect solution to brighten and warm up a room. This is the first step for wall decoration. Offbeat prints used as wallpaper help to liven up the decor. Wallpaper can be placed on a single section of the wall to frame a sofa or to serve as a headboard. The choice of wallpaper is decisive for the style of the room. When used well, it gives another look to the decoration. The Japanese decoration is made by gluing scales of wallpaper. There are various patterns to cover the wall as desired.

The classic solution in wall decoration

To dress up an empty wall differently, it is possible to opt for a traditional solution. Simply hang pictures, photo frames or mirrors on the walls. The room is energized by a wall of frames, photos and posters. The first step is to choose the appropriate creative universes. Particular attention is necessary in selecting the right media for printing creations. These can be posters, posters or decorative frames. Wall decoration can be done with an aluminum board, a board under acrylic glass, a PVC board or a metal board. The selection of sizes for paintings, posters and frames can be done in the formats lot. There are large and small paintings measuring 20×30 cm, 30×40 cm, 50×70 cm, 60×80 cm and 80×120 cm. The choice must also be made at the level of the alignment of the tables. It can be an aligned layout, a free layout, a triangular layout or a jumbled layout.

Mistakes to avoid for your wall decoration

Certain mistakes should be avoided in order to achieve tasteful wall decoration. The first misstep is choosing a narrow wall. The accumulation of frames on a narrow wall creates an overloaded effect in the interior. Large rooms lend themselves better to this type of decor. This type of decoration is recommended along a hallway or staircase. Horizontal alignment is recommended or complete wall covering. The second mistake is putting the frames on the patterns. You should avoid placing paintings on a wall covered with patterns. You get an old-fashioned effect when you do it. In reality, a wall with pastel colors accommodates paintings better. The third mistake is placing only artwork. Instead, you should mix on family photos, graphic images, illustrations or magazine pages. They are to be installed jumbled together to give an original look to the interior. The other mistake is to opt for frames with different styles. It is essential to mix styles in principle. The combination of frames in sober colors in different dimensions offers a refined wall. You can dare to have a wall covered with frames with patterns in sober, solid colors.

Why use Made in France for your decoration?

The first advantage is to promote local employment. We are more likely to buy more quality products and items. National labels actually offer consumers serious guarantees. The choice of products made in France also lies in practical, ethical or strategic reasons. This helps support employment in France and participate in the development of SMEs. The other reason is the support given to French creators. They are better encouraged in production at the local level. Ecology is supported through the reduction of CO2 emissions.

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