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Change the engine oil light on what to do?

Where is the engine oil light located?

The engine oil light is a warning light that appears on your dashboard. You can easily identify it: it is shaped like an oil can. 

Depending on the vehicle, this light may turn yellow or red. A yellow light provides warning of the engine oil level. If it comes on, the level is too low: it is therefore necessary to top up and fill the engine oil tank within the limits specified on the engine oil gauge. On the other hand, if the engine oil light displays red, it means an urgent problem related to engine oil pressure. This type of warning light therefore calls for immediate intervention on the part of the driver to avoid worsening the malfunction. 

Other vehicles do not have these two indicator light colors. In this case, the engine oil light only lights up red. It is therefore necessary to consider it each time as an alert to avoid breakdown, wear or breakage of the engine.

What does the engine oil light do?

All the lights on your dashboard can give you information on specific elements of your vehicle. An engine oil light on therefore concerns any type of malfunction linked to your engine oil. 

Engine oil helps lubricate the parts of your vehicle: it circulates and covers each part to limit their friction and wear. Oil also serves to protect, clean, lubricate and cool your engine. 

If the engine oil light comes on, it is alerting you to a more or less urgent problem. A malfunction linked to engine oil can cause serious damage: breakdowns, wear, engine breakages, etc. It is therefore essential not to underestimate the importance of the engine oil warning light.

Why does the engine oil light come on?

Like any warning light, the engine oil light comes on in the event of a problem. This could in particular be a malfunction of the oil pump. This allows the engine oil to circulate in your vehicle. If the oil pump encounters a technical fault, it is necessary to have the car changed by a mechanic who can remedy this problem. 

The engine oil light may also come on when the pressure sensors are failing. These sensors are used to indicate the pressure level of the engine oil: it must be sufficient for the engine to operate correctly. Failing pressure sensors can cause too much or too little engine oil. In this case, it is necessary to go to a professional to change the defective parts. 

Finally, the engine oil light may come on if there is an oil leak. A leak can be caused by a problem with your vehicle’s tank, hose, gaskets or head gasket. It can be seen by a puddle under your vehicle, or by a rapid drop in your engine oil level. Also, overflowing oil is consumed and burned by the engine, causing an unpleasant odor and thick, oily smoke. 

Apart from the problem related to engine oil leakage, other malfunctions cannot be detected by a novice driver. They are also not informed by the engine oil warning light. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to go to a mechanic or any type of professional who can diagnose your vehicle to remedy the problem.

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