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Best Distance Online Accredited degree in Psychology

Distance psychology training recognized by the state opens the doors to a fascinating universe of the human mind, without having to leave the comfort of your home. Designed especially for those juggling professional and personal commitments, this distance learning psychology degree allows you to explore the mysteries of psychology – developmental, clinical or social – from any corner of the globe.

These three-year programs, equivalent in richness and depth to those offered on campus, stand out for their flexibility. They are aimed at those for whom geographical travel or time constraints make it impossible to be physically present at university. Throughout the courses, you will discover not only the historical roots of psychology but also its most contemporary advances, armed with the tools and methods that shape professional practice today.

Choosing your specialization becomes possible once this step has been completed, opening the way to deepening your knowledge and, for those who wish, to pursuing Master ‘s studies . The latter is essential for those aspiring to pursue a career as a psychologist.

At the heart of this degree, the emphasis is placed on the application of scientific methodology to decipher, anticipate and analyze human behavior. It is an invitation to develop a deeper understanding of self and others, while requiring personal discipline to navigate the program successfully.

The objectives of the Psychology degree 

This degree aims to equip students with a good grounding in the big ideas and techniques of psychology, covering varied areas such as clinical, cognitive, developmental and social psychology. It also introduces them to key research methods, such as experiments, observations and interviews, while teaching them how to use statistical analysis to understand data.


Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of ethical standards in the profession, ensuring that students know how to act responsibly once they graduate.

Finally, the degree includes an internship, giving students the chance to apply what they have learned in the classroom in the real world, preparing for their entry into the professional field after three years of study.

Distance learning psychology degree 

Below is a list of universities offering distance learning psychology degrees:

1. Distance learning psychology degree Paris 8

The Institute of Distance Education (IED) at the University of Paris 8, famous for its dedication to excellence in education, offers a three-year online psychology course, leading to a recognized diploma. This course, both innovative and rich, explores the history, techniques and new technologies of psychology, laying a robust foundation for those aiming for a Master’s degree . Thanks to the Moodle platform for courses, educational monitoring adapted to each student, and a commitment of 20 hours per week, this program is ideal for those seeking a flexible but rigorous education.

An Interactive Learning Platform: Moodle

The heart of this online psychology program lies in the use of the Moodle learning platform. This intuitive platform provides students with easy access to courses, resources and educational activities. Qualified tutors are on hand to guide students throughout their academic journey, providing constructive feedback and personalized advice. Through Moodle, students have the opportunity to interact with their peers, exchange ideas and collaborate on projects, creating a dynamic and enriching learning experience.


Organization of the Program

The IED distance learning psychology program lasts three years, starting every September. For new students, you must apply before June 2, with a registration period from July 4 to 26 and from August 22 to September 13. Second and third year students register on the same dates. Please note, for the year 2023-2024, registrations in L2/L3 are suspended.

Student success is at the heart of the program, with compulsory tutorials in L2 and L3 to reinforce learning. Virtual meetings from November to March encourage interactions. Exams are held in January and April, plus a make-up session in June. The program, totaling 180 ECTS, ensures solid academic recognition.

Concerning fees, the commitment to quality teaching can be seen in the fee model: €170 for CVEC plus €549 teaching fees. This keeps high-level education accessible to all.

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