Berber jewelry: fashion items steeped in history

Symbolism of Berber jewelry

Jewels are precious objects, often steeped in history. They are passed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter, and so on.

Jewelry often has a strong symbolism, because we generally pass on jewelry to dear people, who matter to us.

Berber jewelry is not left out, those who want to buy Berber jewelry know that the particularity of this jewelry is that they are very old. And even though Berber jewelry is relatively recent, its design and style will not have changed over the centuries. For this reason, it is quite difficult to tell the difference between old Berber jewelry and more recent ones, unless you are an expert.

History of Berber jewelry

Berber jewelry was not always intended for aesthetic use, in Berber culture, jewelry could also be used as a weapon of self-defense. Berber women wore massive silver bracelets when they went to work in the fields. These bracelets were therefore used to deter any attackers, or even to deliver blows.

Fashionable Berber jewelry

Nowadays, Berber jewelry is more and more trendy. They can be worn perfectly with modern, casual, or rather chic outfits. What also makes them interesting is their price, accessible to all budgets, unlike gold jewelry. This low price does not detract from the charm provided by these Berber jewelry through their sober and refined style. I have several people around me who are quite well off, but who prefer silver jewelry to gold jewelry. This means that silver jewelry is not just reserved for people on a small budget.

Now that Berber jewelry no longer holds any secrets for you, you can, with a simple Google search, be spoiled for choice in Berber jewelry.

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