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Anti-pollution Sticker: Reminder Of Mandatory Areas

The anti-pollution sticker is also known as the Crit’Air sticker or air quality certificate. It is intended for vehicles which it classifies according to their polluting emissions. As a road user, you absolutely must have it if you want to be able to travel freely throughout France. It is compulsory in certain areas of France. Discover in the rest of our article these different areas which are mandatory. But before that, it is important to remember the principle of the anti-pollution sticker.

How the anti-pollution sticker works

The anti-pollution sticker is a document which is therefore compulsory in certain areas of French territory. These are known as low-emission mobility zones. The document is also essential for traveling in the event of a pollution peak or as part of differentiated traffic.

In one of these two cases, holding an air quality certificate is essential. If you want to have the sticker for your vehicle, you can buy it by mail or simply do it online.  are known for the quality of their online purchasing service.

The stickers are intended for all vehicles: motorcycles to heavy goods vehicles, including utility vehicles and scooters. There are six anti-pollution stickers in total. The higher the number appearing on a sticker, the more polluting the vehicle it is fitted with is considered.

The choice of sticker for a car depends on three different criteria. The first is therefore the type of vehicle where the second relates to the type of energy or fuel (petrol, diesel or electric). The third criterion relates to the Euro standard of the vehicle or the date of its first registration.

Finally, you should know that an anti-pollution sticker must be stuck on a vehicle so as to be visible from the outside at all times. If you have a two or three wheeled vehicle, you must place the sticker on the fork.

If it is a car, utility vehicle or heavy goods vehicle, you must ensure that the sticker is placed on the lower right part of the windshield with the front visible from the outside.

Your anti-pollution sticker online

Since March 2018, it has been possible to order your Crit’Air sticker online . Platforms are set up to provide assistance to people wishing to offer assistance to their vehicles. They generally provide them with an application form which is very simplified. The latter is not the same for an individual, a professional or a person who has registered their car abroad. You must ensure that you choose the correct form.

Once the user completes the form, the platforms check the consistency of the information contained therein. They then place the order for the sticker with certificate-air.gouv.fr. The acknowledgment of registration will be returned to the beneficiary to show that the order is effective.

The ordering service is not free. However, it saves you valuable time and greatly simplifies your task. In addition to properly completing the application form, you must have the registration number.

Areas where the anti-pollution sticker is mandatory

As things currently stand, four French communities have set up low-emission mobility zones . This makes it compulsory to have an anti-pollution sticker. These are the city of Paris, the metropolis of Greater Paris, the metropolis of Grenoble as well as that of Lyon.

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