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8 Tips For Smart Packing When Moving

Is your move looming and you haven’t yet started your Smart Packing boxes? Don’t panic, in this article we are going to offer you some tips to simplify your task and make this moment, which is generally complicated, child’s play.

When you decide to move a fairly large distance, such as moving from Paris to Lyon for example, it is imperative to remember to Smart Packing your boxes well. It is one of the guarantees that will ensure you do not lose, break or damage any expensive object.

During long distance moves it is more common to notice breakages when unpacking your belongings. Hence the point of preparing well and not skimping on packaging. So here is how to pack your belongings intelligently when moving?

Bubble wrap, an ingenious idea

The first tip for smart packing is to use bubble wrap for all your glass items such as plates, glasses or other crockery and trinkets. And line the bottom of your boxes with the same bubble plastic to cushion shocks.

Put the heaviest objects in suitcases or rolling suitcases

The small wheels are very useful if our objects include several encyclopedias! books are generally very heavy, for example, hence the point of putting everything in a suitcase or suitcase that you can easily pull without breaking your back!

Pay attention to your screws!

If you don’t pay attention to all the little screws when dismantling your furniture, you can imagine how difficult it will be to put it all back together when you arrive! And so the tip that we offer you is to keep all your dismantling defects in small plastic bags on which you must take the trouble to write which piece of furniture they belong to.

Caring for your mattresses

Indeed, mattresses are often stained or damaged during a move from Paris to Lyon . So to protect your mattresses, do not hesitate to use old blankets for those protected.

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Don’t forget to use different colored markers or sticky stickers to help you find your way around the boxes once you arrive safely. This way you will make your life easier by knowing in advance where each box is going just by reading the inscription on it.

Use all the volumes you can!

Move smart and try to optimize all the volumes you can! Don’t empty the light drawers, put as much as possible in the pockets of your coats and jackets, and use all your bags. In short, try to optimize all the volumes you can to facilitate your move.

Call on moving professionals

In the case of long-distance moves such as a move from Paris to Lyon, the best option for you is really to call on professionals. Indeed, having your move organized by professionals in Paris will save you time, money, and energy. Find out about moving companies near you and ask for a quote. You will realize that it is better to get help.

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