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2 Methods to Transfer Whatsapp iPhone to Android

Social networks are now the true guardians of our memories and our identity. Every day, we use them to chat with friends, share posts and good deals, and exchange videos and photos. Without them, we would be more isolated than ever in a world where the connection between individuals is what defines them as a whole. So, when you change your phone, it becomes essential to transfer all the data accumulated over your life. But how to transfer Whatsapp iPhone to Android calmly and easily? We present two methods to you here.

Transfer Whatsapp iPhone to Android with iMyFone

When a user tries to transfer Whatsapp iPhone to Android, they often face many difficulties. However, be aware that there are some methods to achieve this. Not all of them are equal and we have selected the two best, which we will detail in this article. The easiest, fastest, and most secure way for your data is to use the iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp application. We recommend it much more than all the other methods, because we found no disadvantage to it, except that it is not well known enough!

First of all, know that it is the fastest since it only requires around ten minutes to transfer WhatsApp to a new phone, regardless of its nature. After installing the application, all you have to do is follow the instructions. Not only is the method quick and effective, but it is also practical since, unlike all the others, it allows you to find all of your readable conversations immediately, and without any risk of data loss! And if we tell you that in addition to transferring WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, the application offers many other features, do you believe us?

How to transfer WhatsApp to a new phone via email?

If transferring WhatsApp conversations via the iMyFone application is undoubtedly the best solution in all respects, we have to give you another method for the sake of diversity. The one we selected simply uses the email route. Note that it is relatively quick, but still longer than the first solution, since it will take you at least 25 minutes to transfer Whatsapp iPhone to Android using this technique.

Also, while the method is simple, be aware that you won’t be able to export all chats at once, which can significantly increase transfer time if you’re a compulsive user! On the other hand, the transferred conversations will be in zip format, which means that they will not be readable immediately. Finally, also be aware that you risk losing some data during the transfer! If you like to take risks, you will then need to open WhatsApp, click on the conversation to transfer, and choose “export discussions”. select sending by email and the messages will be automatically compressed and then sent.

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